Azure adventures

Azure configuration utterly sucks and is a giant pain. You have to recreate your VM fully to go from one NIC to two, and that's enough said... You also have to recreate your VM fully to switch between SSD and HDD based storage.  

Windows Cloud: Part 3!

At the end, Windows Cloud is nothing more or less than a Professional variant with UMCI enforced. As such, its compatibility with existing Windows software* is only and solely prevented by having UMCI enabled and active. Rumours of Win32's death are exaggerated to say the least, Windows itself relies on it. * Centennial apps do not run in an AppContainer, so they are subjected to the UMCI signature checks. A hacky way was implemented in some cases, through SmartScreen, but that's quite easy to workaround. There is no lists of disallowed programs anywhere, it's done…

Windows 10 Cloud: UMCI addendum to Part 2

Windows 10 Cloud uses strongly enforced UMCI to make unsigned applications not work. In the system, sensitive entry points such as cmd, powershell, cscript, regedit, reg, and more are considered as unsigned, so that they would be locked down by UMCI. bash.exe, with its recent interop features permits workarounding some* of those restrictions, by enabling testsigning mode. test@testvm$ /mnt/c/Windows/System32/bcdedit.exe /set {default} testsigning on test@testvm$ /mnt/c/Windows/System32/bcdedit.exe /set {default} nointegritychecks on Which only works when Secure Boot is enabled. As such, this Windows SKU depends on Secure Boot for its security system. UMCI is a(n anti)feature enforced…

Windows 10 Cloud: Part 2! (a détour looking at WSL)

This article talks about an important security omission in Windows 10 Cloud build 15025, which should be fixed before release. The Windows Subsystem for Linux is still working on the build, making the wanted lockdown not fully complete. As a Windows RT user, I think that the decision of locking down Cloud even further cannot possibly be that useful, RT was locked down enough already!

Windows 10 Cloud. Part 1.

This is a blog series about Windows 10 Cloud, a tightly-locked down Windows SKU. Windows RT itself is less tightly locked down than Windows 10 Cloud. Windows 10 Cloud is very clearly an attempt about getting an SKU as tightly locked down as the current Mobile variants of the OS, while still having multiuser functionallity and using well-known drivers. As it's based on the desktop base, it *will* be unlocked at some point. The next blog post will describe attempts to disable UMCI on the Cloud SKU.

IoT Core build 10586 for the Surface RT

The Secure Boot unlock needs to be applied for this to work. If you'll not use this, do not download it. Bandwidth is not cheap. :-) For now, build 10586 of Windows 10 IoT Core will be released for the Surface RT. :) Download the IoT Core release here. Download the EFI system partition here. Also download the Windows 10 IoT Core dashboard from Microsoft. Go to "Set up a new device" and choose "Custom" for device type, then select the Windows 10 IoT Core for the Surface RT release. After you install, unplug and…